Before I get started, I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to “disconnect” as often as you can, from your phone, social media, electronics, etc. We tend to lose ourselves, get bogged down from lower vibrational energy and are taken away from truly enjoying peaceful time with ourselves or others. (I’m guilty of it too, just try to find balance.)

Mother Earth, or as some refer to as GAIA (Greek Goddess, soul of Earth), represents all forms of creation. Just as we are working on ourselves to transform into a higher state of being, so is she. A true sign as to why it’s important for us to include her into our lives. She needs our love too, just as we need hers.

Healing with Nature can take place in many forms. Herbalism, Aromatherapy/Oils, Crystals – all of these are stemmed from Earth. Not to mention, if you’re like me, you know and honor that the Indigenous community has relied on Mother Earth and many of her medicines, plant life and animals for sacred healing ceremonies, daily life, and spiritual growth.

All of the properties affect us on a physical, emotional, mental, cellular, and spiritual level for overall wellness. Because our bodies are of the natural ability to heal ourselves, is why it’s so important to connect outside.

 Natural surroundings can help us focus on sight, sound scent, touch, smell. It assists with lowering your blood pressure, boosts immune system, increases energy, depression, and grounding.

Trees are my favorite. Besides the oxygen they provide, they play an essential role on our healing journey. They are also energy, as are all living beings and have healing powers as well. They are ancient and full of wisdom. They want to help us (same with any plant life, animals, flowers, etc.) It’s very common for people to “hug” a tree but did you know there are huge benefits to sitting against one? Breathe into your heart space. With each inhale, imagine the tree(s) sending you their light/love. With each exhale, give your light/love to the Tree. Even if you don’t consciously feel this, you will easily recognize the calmness wash over you. Doing this helps us to feel centered and connected back to ourselves, our Source (Divine) essence.

There’s an image on Social Media that states, “When you realize Earth and Heart are spelled with the same letters, it all starts to make sense.”

This is a poem I wrote on 3/26/2019, called “I Talk to Trees”.

I sit in your presence, beauty surrounds me. The energy is contagious, if only I could see. I can’t feel it either, but I just know, you send me love and I go with the flow.

Heart connects, surrounding my worries, letting go, trusting with grace and ease. Being still, calming my breath, listening for your wisdom, guidance,and music you sing.

I am grounded, focused, loved and strong. And now nothing seems to be wrong. My secrets and fears you keep, like your roots, my Gratitude runs deep.

Tree of Life – many cultures have different meaning for this beautiful symbol, however the theme remains the same – deeply rooted, reaching to the Divine, striving for strength, love and that we are all connected. It also represents balance, as above – so below, as within – so without. In addition, there is a Sacred Geometry symbol but more information about that at a later time.

In addition to the Earth Nature, there’s also the Universe Nature. Each of these have special healing properties and spiritual connections that enhances our knowledge and inner being. (I’m sure every planet as its properties but these are the ones I resonate with on a daily basis.) All you need to do is set the intention to connect to them. Ask them for their help.

AND WITH ALL OF THIS – GIVE GRATITUDE!!! To the Earth, Trees, Flowers, Plants, Sun, Moon, Stars, etc. This is very important, and they appreciate it!

The Sun

·        Gives you Lightcodes/DNA activations

·        Gives you energy – recharges, especially through the Solar Plexus Chakra

·        Masculine Energy, strong and dependable

·        Inner light, energy, existence through nature. Mystic

·        Helps cleanse dirt from the subconscious

The Moon

·        How you take in energy

·        Helps to heal and soothe the body. Relieves anxiety, stress and improves relaxation.

·        Feminine Energy – intuition, spiritual connection, emotions

The Stars

·        Light Frequencies

·        We are all connected

The 4 Elements of Nature  - I know I posted this last week but wanted to give a brief reminder of ideas to use.

Earth – (Green)

·        Grounding, Manifest, Foundation, Abundance

·        Grass, trees, flowers, plants, mountains, fields, hills, rocks

·        Provides a comfortable living space.

·        Heavier element, downward direction

·        Representing the Feminine (Intuitive)

Water – (Blue)    Note, this can be represented by Snow too

·        Release, Flow, Purification, Intuition

·        Body of water (lake, ocean, pond, pool), shower, bath, rain

·        Life on Earth would not be possible without it.

·        Heavier element, downward direction

·        Representing the Feminine (Intuitive)

Fire – (Orange)

·        Transmute, Transformation, Anger

·        Candle, Sun, Backyard Fire

·        It gives off light, protecting all living creatures from the shadows of night.

·        Sun, stars, and heavens are above the Air

·        Representing the Masculine (Thinking)

Air – (Yellow)

·        Breath of Life, Communication

·        Wind, Breeze, Birds, Butterflies, Clouds, Sky

·        Element of life itself as all living creatures require it to live and thrive.

·        Upright triangle with a horizontal line

·        Is above Water and Earth, natural upward movement

·        Representing the Masculine (Thinking)