Honoring your Inner Child allows you the chance to heal from experiences that may have caused any sort of discomfort, pain, sadness, emotions of unworthiness, mistrust, etc. These could be small or big and are known as wounds or traumas.

What we were missing as a child, we seek in others. Sometimes these situations are not in the forefront of our memory (or may stem from Past Lives too) or sometimes they are all we think about. Possibly causing years of suffering or heartache. I like to use the phrase “We are carrying around a back-pack full of heavy rocks”. Each rock has a label such as abandonment, rejection, not good enough, etc. These traits no longer serve us and it’s time we stop carrying this weight around.

For example, how many of us were told “Children should be seen and not heard.” Now as an adult, that may look like people pleasing. You don’t want to speak up when something bothers you because subconsciously, you were hurting inside for years and weren’t allowed to express your emotions. You were shut down and not given permission to use your voice. This may have also caused a lot of fear.

Once you recognize an area that needs healing and you’re willing to work through it, you’ll be amazed at the insight you receive and the reason why it’s related to other areas in your life. I personally have experienced many profound “a-ha” moments, piecing together a puzzle that I didn’t know needed to be worked on.

A few YouTube meditations that could assist you on this journey =

·    Kenneth Soares = Guided Inner Child Meditation – Activation of Soul Energy

o   Guided Inner Child Meditation | Activation of Soul Energy & InnerGuidance | Healing Emotional Wounds - YouTube

·    Reiki by Rachael = Past Revision Mediation, Subconscious Reprogramming

o   PAST REVISION MEDITATION | Inner Child Healing | Subconscious Reprogramming | Advanced Technique - YouTube

·    AngelofDivine Love = Inner Child Healing Light Language

o   Inner Child Healing with Light Language - YouTube

The Inner Child work has been an important topic lately due to the awakening and awareness that more people are coming into. I’m passionate about this because, well, I’m a healer, for one and because I truly love doing what’s called Shadow Work. (The purpose behind my new business logo with the dark background, is to honor this.)

I’ve had many healing sessions that I’ve ugly cried and a Practitioner friend once said to me “You’re welcome.” I’ve loved that response and have carried that with my while I conduct sessions to clients. When I have clients and I’m guided to have them talk to their inner child, the adult them is able to be there for the child in ways they need at that time. The adult is able to be the parent the child needed. The adult them is usually instructed to tell the child all the good things that they grow up to be and reassure them just how worthy and successful they are. They hug each other and the child is invited to integrate with the client. It’s so beautiful and chokes me up just thinking about it.


In my earlier posts on this site, I talk about Releasing and what that means. I list 7 key steps on how to do that. This is a screenshot of the first step.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY - “Shadow Work” – Owning your “shit” and being willing to show up by doing the inner work. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is a process that requires you to dig deep and being vulnerable. Looking at parts of you that you don’t like or are not proud of. Being honest with yourself, especially by facing your fears.

Equally as important to embrace what people consider “the darkness” or “negative” energy. This makes us who we are and has beautiful purposes to our personalities. It’s the parts of us that we don’t like, we’re afraid of, we’re embarrassed of or we’ve learned to suppress and ignore by rejection.

It’s not fun facing our pain, triggers, or fears. These are aspects of ourselves that we don’t know how to bring to the light. If we don’t work with our Shadow Self, then the darkness grows. It will be a voice in your head making you think this (any situation keeping you from being your true, happy, healthy self), is normal and of your best interest. This is why people stay stuck in their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional illnesses, diseases, sadness, etc. Especially any Mental Health experiences AND addictions. NOTE – THE TRIGGER IS YOUR TEACHER.  It’s okay if you don’t know the answers, as long as you acknowledge those parts of you shift them.

You could also visit the Post Section (Buy Me a Coffee) named “Releasing – Part Four (Shadow Work). This section lists a bunch of emotions that I have worked on in the past. Some will resonate and some won’t but at least you’ll have examples and a glimpse of knowing you’re not alone.

If we work with our shadow, we can transmute it by turning it into light and integrate it into our well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Our bodies will carry our emotions for years, even lifetimes, until we honor it. Also, lessons repeat until they are learned. This assists us to shift our thoughts from victimhood mentality.

This is the foundation of health and wellness. If we are Mentally healthy, everything else falls into place.  We will fee FREEDOM & we take back our inner power & voice. The purpose is to come back to a place of pure joy, happiness, and love.


  • Commit to healing - making yourself a priority

  • Physically make the time – your ego will keep you “stuck” and will find many reasons or excuses not to heal. This is where you’re comfortable and what you consider “safe” because it’s what you know and are used to.

  • Feel the Emotions – stuffing them just causes them to resurface

    • Forgive & Acceptance (yourself especially)

    • If this involves another person, write to their Soul (no need to talk to them in person)

  • Release (move, purify, purge, cleanse, shred & adjust)

    • Your own sacred ritual (I have a paid class for this)

  • Meditate, Write, Journal, Cry, Scream, Walk, Yoga, Exercise, Movement, Dance, Art, Sing – anything that makes you feel better

  • Ask questions, have an inner dialogue.  

    • What do I need healing for currently?

    • What is my earliest memory associated with this?

    • What am I most worried about?

    • Why does this trigger me?

    • What is this teaching me?

    • What do I need to let go of?

    • Who am I needing healing from?

    • How can I forgive without contacting them?

  • Intention, Visualization, Light, Breathwork, Crystal’s, Affirmations, Spirit Team

  • Have a positive mindset

  • Seek a class, event, or Holistic Healing Practitioner

  • If money is a factor; read a book, search YouTube or the internet for guided meditations or information regarding your situation


Key behaviors for shifting into new ways of being include affirming to let go, forgiveness (of self and/or others), acceptance, focus, placing boundaries, taking back inner power, compassion, patience, understanding, surrendering, trusting intuition, being present, speaking your truth, accountability, making changes, stepping out of comfort zone.

After healing – it is super important to refill what was let go of. You don’t want to leave an empty space. What will help raise your vibration and keep you in alignment is ANYTHING FUN AND CREATIVE!!!  Focus on what makes you smile, laugh, and feel good. (More on vibration at a later time.)  Why not continue to honor your Inner Child and allow them some play time? Swing at a park, finger paint, roll down a hill, play hopscotch, make snow angels, maybe play a game that reminds you of your childhood.

I personally have gathered images that remind me of my memories. I posted a few but plan to add much more. And these just aren’t any images from those era’s, these are actually moments that brought me back right to that time and place. Smiling of course!  PLEASE HONOR YOUR INNER CHILD AND GO DO SOMETHING TOTALLY RANDOM OR GOOFY!