Welcome! Whether you are “new” or experienced, this will be beneficial for shaping not only your health & wellness, but the rest of your life. We are co-creators of our reality, even if you don’t consciously understand that. Your soul knows this is true and that’s why you’ve been guided to be here. You’re not just “waking up” but actually “remembering” and becoming aware of who you truly are.

You’ll see or hear terminology being used as a general statement or description. Please replace it with whatever you feel comfortable with. There is unwritten rule of respect to avoid “Labels” and I honor that to the best of my ability. I’d like to start with some common themes that are happening. This information has been gathered by me over the span of 11 years. My local area is full of the Metaphysical world and it has allowed me many opportunities of learning from hundreds of practitioners, expos, workshops, events, etc.

Our purpose for all of this is to connect and center into our own Source (Christ Consciousness, God Energy, Higherself, Divine Likeness) of love, inner light, power, our truth, and magic. To know that nothing is outside of us. You do this by leading with your Heart. Encourages self-care, self-healing, being in alignment (balance) with your souls’ purpose, trusting your intuition. It’s about learning that our beliefs were an illusion to our reality, and we shed the idea that we are separate from ourselves. This is not to instill fear but to continue to go within and tap into our magic.

This journey will require you to learn by working through traumas, triggers, soul contracts, past lives, inner child wounds and facing your fears. (See Shadow Work) Although it might seem scary at first, you’ll feel weight lifted and renewed with each step of your process. You’ll do this by “Shifting”. Shifting is changing your thoughts into learning lessons and positive outcomes. A new way of BEING.

When we are able to Shift, this is a form of up leveling (or Ascending) to a higher consciousness and “raising the vibration.” (SEE VIBRATION, ENERGY, FREQUENCY to be posted soon) When we heal ourselves this way, we cause a ripple effect with everyone we encounter, and therefore we are able to influence, heal and send wonderful intentions to the collective (the world). As this happens, we might experience Ascension Symptoms. (This means enlightenment, expansion of consciousness, transitioning and transforming.)  Your energetic and physical body will go through changes. The symptoms could be anything such as headaches, flu, dizziness, etc. Always seek medical treatment but know that this could be a deeper level of a root cause. Our bodies speak to us and have messages. Listening to it will assist in your awakening.

You may have heard that right now, we are going through what’s called “The Great Awakening”, “A New Earth” or “Shifting from a 3rd Dimension (3D) to 5th Dimension (5D)” World. These are a state of being. It’s about healing from a state of lack, suffering and fear and learning to connect to the oneness, being an alignment with abundance, joy, and love.  

Side note, there is a poster called “The Great Awakening Map”. Disclaimer – this is something that could bring you down a rabbit hole and the website states “A navigational chart for ESCAPING THE MATRIX and RETURNING TO SOURCE. I first heard of it through an Instagram page called “5dawakeningconsciousness” and last year I found a Tik Tok Creator who discusses the map in great detail. If you are interested in her information, please let me know. You may order this map at =  Home | Art House 5D Shop (greatawakeningmap.co)

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