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Introduction to Your Awakening Journey – Part Two

Feb 10, 2022

Chances are you’ve been told you’re a Lightworker and you don’t know what that means.

ð       A Lightworker is someone who helps transmute darkness into light.

ð       Their soul agreed to come here to do this.

ð       This is balanced with Shadow Work, just as important to honor and work with this.

ð       You do not need to be a Professional Practitioner to shine your light or help others

ð       144,000 Volunteered to purposely come to earth at this time to help others awaken see their light. (Only for those who are ready or interested.) – Please note, I don’t know if this is actually true or not, but it is well known.

A couple of main categories that I feel fall under this identification are


o   Own inner knowing for self or others

o   Being able to know, sense and understand things without proof or evidence

o   Characteristics - a hunch, gut feeling, a small voice of guidance


o   Understanding or feeling other people’s emotions and experiences

o   Being more sensitive to energy

o   Absorbs energies – influenced by our surroundings and we are responsible too

o   Learning to recognize what is yours or others

o   Entities and Attachments – toxic and draining

o   It’s not our job to carry someone else’s pain or suffering

Coming into this awareness can be scary for those who have normally been shunned, shamed, guilted, or even killed in a past life, for these beautiful gifts that shine light. The more the light you shine, the more darkness will be attempting to dim you. You have the power to transmute that darkness.

How to Work with Your Gifts

ð       Daily ritual of grounding, shielding, connecting - ask spirit team for help and because you're the

ð       You're a Vehicle/Conduit - let energy transfer through

you as a messenger

ð       Many ways to self-heal or seek a professional

ð       Find a local class, workshop, mentor

ð       Social media can assist

ð       Metaphysical store for books and resources

ð       Practice, practice, practice

ð       Trust, trust, trust

ð       Notice what interests you

ð       Always work on yourself. The lessons, shadows, healthy mind, self awareness

ð       Journal

ð       Be alert for “aha” moments or signs that capture your attention

ð       Dreams, visions

ð       Always ask the person for permission or consent

ð       Create and set a sacred space for yourself and client - how to

ð       Be patient with yourself

ð       Holding Space; Allow me to hold space within myself and outside of myself in my own environment outside of my own environment in my home outside of my own home in my state outside of my own state in the world outside of the world.

If I could give any strong advice, it is to be mindful that no matter what your specialty is, how long you’ve been working with it or who you’re connected to for your soul family, we all have our own free will, truth, purpose, journey, guidance & path. Every single one of us are working with what we came here to learn and do. NO MATTER WHAT. Please keep this in mind when it comes to those who have a different opinion of yours. Assuming somebody should have the same ideals, principles, thoughts, feelings, etc. as yours simply off the basis because they are in this healing field, is not up to you to decide. It’s also very dangerous to assume someone is not connected to their higher self (divine team) or that their chakras are not aligned, because of their opinions.

In addition, telling someone that swearing, eating sugar, drinking, etc. is a “negative” vibration – is using “Spiritual Bypassing” and simply, passing judgement. We are a Soul in a human body, I get that. I understand that we are also made of Star Dust, Avatars, etc. However, we are still here to have a human experience. Many high vibrational beings know when to let loose and when to buckle back up. It’s all part of enjoyment.

I have said for years that we ALL have the same LOVE Frequency, we just make different choices. Everyone is deserving of happiness and joy. Nobody is better then the other because you’re “vibrating higher”.  

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