·   Are a Metaphysical Tool to assist with insight for answers, clarity, guidance, or reassurance. They are intuitively connected to your energy and will be the message you need at that time, even if it’s not what you “want” to hear.

·   They are slightly different from actual Tarot Cards because the meaning is different for every deck and the messages are generally clearly stated right on the card itself.

·   You can use them during a ritual, event, situation, area in your life, meditation, journaling or practicing your intuition.


1.      One Card – Overall theme

2.      Two Cards – Advice from Spirit, moving out of Way/Calling In

3.     Three Cards – You/Them/Relationship, Past/Present/Future, Improve/Focus/Prepare

4.     Four Cards – You and current state/What you desire/Action step/Outcome, Overall Energy/How it affects me/Let go of/How to raise vibration,

5.     Five Cards – Overall Theme/Focus/Strength/Happiness/Weakness Situation/Challenge/Guidance/Focus/Outcome, You/Them/Potential/Advice/Outcome

6.     Six Cards – Releasing/Intentions/Surfacing/Expand/Action/Resources, Life (Embrace), Death (Let Go), Courage, Fears Celebrate, Contemplate

7.     Seven Cards – Past/Present/Influences/Obstacles/Environment/Action/Final Outcome