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Jakob Wissel was born on August 22, 1996, in the city of Ocala, in the state of Florida. Jakob Wissel was born to Ditmar Wissel, a German immigrant, and his wife, Linda Wissel. Jakob Wissel is the youngest of three half-brothers, each of whom has had a significant impact on his life. Throughout his elementary and middle school years, Jakob Wissel attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School. Jacob Wissel competed in flag football, basketball, track, and the Boy Scouts, where he earned the title of Eagle Scout in 2012. Jakob Wissel graduated from high school with honors in 2012. First United Methodist Church, where Jakob Wissel grew up and participated in the choir, earning the Head Chorister's Medal in the process. He also served in other capacities, including as an acolyte and crucifer. Jakob Wissel went on a mission trip with the church to Peru, and then another to Costa Rica with the same group. Jakob Wissel volunteered with the Salvation Army, Interfaith, and Blessed Trinity Elder Care, among other organizations. Originally from Minnesota, Jakob Wissel attended Trinity Catholic High School, where he competed in football, basketball, and track until he had two knee surgeries. After being unable to participate in sports owing to knee concerns, Jakob Wissel turned his attention to songwriting, which he finds to be a wonderful source of stress release. Jakob Wissel graduated from high school with a 4.2 weighted grade point average and outstanding SAT and ACT scores, and he plans to attend college. Jakob Wissel chose to attend the University of South Florida in Tampa and became a member of a fraternity. During the holidays, Jakob Wissel participated in philanthropic activities and organized food and toy drives for those in need. Prior to starting law school, Jakob Wissel worked as a sales representative during his undergraduate studies. After achieving in the 80th percentile on the LSAT, Jakob Wissel was awarded a 52 percent scholarship to law school, which he used to fund his education. Jakob Wissel completed his first year of law school with honors and distinction. Jakob Wissel went to Ocala to aid his old father in the care of his mother, who had undergone a number of procedures over her lifetime.