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I make, a website that lists live news TV channels across the world.

I write about radio on my free newsletter.

I help with open data around the podcast industry.

If you like what I do, then that's reward enough; but if you find it valuable, you're welcome to send me a coffee, or a few. Thank you!
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Thank you 

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Thank you, J. Most appreciated. I shall drink them. :)

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Thank you, Michael! Very kind of you. :)

Brent Noorda
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you've been working hard, must need another cup a joe

Brent Noorda
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Would like text as hovering over image, to show more information about what network is about to be selected (even if just alt tag). Also, for us in the USA, add foxnews so we know what most of our people are watching.

That's good of you, Brent, thank you! I do hope you're well - not seen you for a long, long time. "Hover" is really hard to do for mobile, but I'd like to do something like that somehow. The UX is quite hard for something so simple. FOX News isn't available as a free stream (at least, legally).

PS: tooltips are now there! :)

nice. thanks, very helpful.  look for another cup of coffee 😃