Yes, I clocked over another year yesterday. Please don't ask me how old I's depressing! Leysa got me some cool gifts and this mug was one of them. The other side says "I play Bach legato".

Anyway, here's the videos I've created over the last week:

Organ improvisation + O Sacrum Convivium - Roberto Remondi | SWELL VOX | Easter Vigil 2021

Christ is alive, with joy we sing (VULPIUS) | SWELL VOX | Easter Sunday 2021

Toccatina for Flute - Pietro Yon | Hauptwerk Mannheim

Tunes on Tuesday Organ Recital | James Flores | April 6 2021

Fanfare on Ellacombe - Paul Fey | Hauptwerk Casavant Bellevue

Lullaby and Crazy Cats ft. Thomas Summerfield - Denis Bédard

Can an organist play a recently unpacked and untuned harpsichord?

At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing (SALZBURG) | SWELL VOX | Easter Vigil 2021

Soul of my Saviour (ANIMA CHRISTI) with Communion improvisation | James Flores

As always, thanks for your ongoing support :)

James Flores