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I run a little podcasting and video marketing agency called Striqo. I make two sponsor-free podcasts, Marketing Mashup and Agency Startup.

I've been making podcasts for a little while now and I love it as a medium. The conversations you can have with incredible people makes for some fascinating content. The two podcasts I regularly produce have exactly that.

My first podcast is the Marketing Mashup where I talk to company founders, CMOs and entrepreneurs about what approach they take to marketing, the challenges they face and the successes they've had.

The second pod is called the Agency Startup, which I think should have been called Agency Therapy as I sit down with my good friend Chris Higgins (who runs another agency) to discuss what it's like starting and building an agency.

Both of these podcasts I produce ad-free as I would like to keep the content as valuable as possible. This content will stay free forever, but I always need coffee to keep making the content 🚀

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