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James Kenny

James Kenny

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I am a location independent software craftsperson. Crafting software, helping other people to build their own software. Building my own products and services.

I build things on the internet. I started Serversncode as a way to share the things I've learned and figured out as I make my own products and help others. I have a few other products as well that I'm working on check out below or my site for more jameskenny

Recent Posts

Contentr is now out in the wild contentr.app/ 😄  I've taken it very slowly I've had it in a private MVP for a while and got some really great feedback. Now I've opened it up for anyone to try. I've started working on my content strategy now I have a series of blog posts to create and in some cases just the editing is needed. But these will be released over the next while.

Starting building out playlists on podcast list now. Hopefully will be ready to launch soon. podcastlist.xyz