The first time I met with Seth's grey eyes, something in me changed. I felt a spark in my heart, my cheeks flushed red and the butterflies in my stomach that were trapped in a cage, fluttered their wings and flew about as a word escaped my lips…. 


Seth was beautiful, he towered over me and everyone in the room save for Victor who shares the same height as him and the Alpha, who was a few inches taller.

Seth was handsome, a black short hair that he seemed to run his hand through a million times. His grey eyes were striking, despite them being the most depressing shade. 

He had a long scar that ran down the side of his face, down his temple and almost reached his eyes. 

He was almost perfect.

But Seth hadn't been anything I had been expecting in a mate. He was beyond cold, mean and almost as ruthless as the Alpha was. It was no wonder since the both of them had practically grown up together. 

Seth was heartless and apathetic to anyone's feelings, including his. 

The first day we met, I went to Ares' house to check his injuries because my father, the pack doctor, couldn't be here. I had just finished nursing pre school and decided to take on the job. 

Seth had been waiting in the sitting room and when he turned to me. Both our eyes widened. 

We were mates! 

He felt the bond, the connection. I was his. And he was mine.

And as I crossed the room to throw my arms around him, he glared at me, so coldly that it was enough to freeze the ocean. 

"I don't want a mate." He had said in a deep dangerous voice before he led the way to Ares' room. 

My hope shattered, my heart broke into a thousand pieces, falling to the pit of my stomach. I tried to hold back the tears that threatened to leave my eyes.

He had practically rejected me, even though he didn't say the exact rejection words. 

I couldn't do anything. Seth was powerful, he was Ares Beta, his words were final and I submitted to him. And as time went by, I tried to make him acknowledge me as his. 

I had fallen in love with him, every part of me lounged for him. For those eyes to be fixed on me alone, his hands wrapped around me. Holding me and shielding me. 

But Seth never did any of that. He ignored me, not sparing me more than a glance, breaking me even more until I was just a shell of myself. 

But I couldn't let go of him. 

Seth was mine. He was my mate. 

And I would continue to stand by his side for however long it took for him to look at me. 

"How did you get injured?" I asked him, cleaning the wound on his temple. A tiny piece of glass was in it and I pulled it out gently.

He didn't even flinch. 

"Does it hurt?" I asked again when he ignored me as usual, looking at him as he had fixed his cold gaze on the wall behind me. It was like he tried so hard to look away from me, averting my eyes. 

"I'm used to pain." He answered, his grey eyes locking with mine for a second before he looked away, fixing them intently on the wall again. 

I nodded. "It doesn't mean you should get hurt." I told him, slowly cleaning the blood on his temple just to stay some more minutes with him. 

We had never spent any time together save for me attending to his injuries. Seth acted like I didn't exist and it hurt me so much. 

"Hurry. I have to leave." He said coldly and I dropped my hand on the table in a loud thud. 

"When are you going to acknowledge that I'm your mate?" I asked, my eyes tearing up but Seth didn't turn to me. 

"I told you. I don't want you. I don't need a mate." He said and I frowned.

"Why? Do you think I'm ugly? Or am I not pretty enough for you? Or is it because I like anime and stuff because I don't understand why you wouldn't even look at me." I said tiredly, tears running down my face. 

But Seth kept a stoic face, ignoring me once more as he took out his phone, tapping it before placing it on his ear. 

"Are you at the hospital now?" He asked and my eyes widened before he nodded and stood up. "Alright, I'm coming. Your daughter is slacking off her duties." He said before glaring at me and standing up. 

"What? Hold on." I said, rising with him as I dropped the cotton wool as Seth started to walk away in long strides.

"Ok, come back. I'll attend to you. Please.." I pleaded but Seth said nothing as he continued walking out of the sitting room and to the front door. 

"Seth?" I cried. "Wa-" I started to say when I tripped and fell to the floor, using my hand to break the fall or I'd hit my head on the ground. 

Seth stopped in his tracks as I looked at his back with tear filled eyes.

"Why wouldn't you look at me?" I asked softly, unable to stand back to my feet. 

"Because you're disgusting." He said, then walked out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Few seconds, I heard the sound of his car driving off the estate and I let the tears fall. His words had cut through me, tearing me apart again once more. 

I started to sob, covering my face with my palm as the images around me became blurry. 

Seth hurt me, not physically, but emotionally. 

And I wondered how long I was going to keep up with it before I finally lost hope. 

I remembered when I had seen him jolting awake from a nightmare and I wiped my eyes. 

I couldn't leave Seth. He was broken. And he needed me. 

However long he denied our mate bond, I'll still remain by his side. 

Because he was my mate. 

And I was his. 

No one could change that, not even his hate for me. 

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To the new readers, synopsis of The Alpha's Broken Slave.

Slave. Broken. Wolfless.

I've always been the perfect toy for pain and pleasure to the ruthless Alpha Jax who owned me. Twenty years, I've lived in abuse, torture and slavery so one night I decided to run away from it all to find freedom, only to discover

I had stepped into the pack of our enemy.

I'm taken to their cruel and merciless Alpha Ares who fails to recognize me as Jax's slave so I thought I was free, but the only way he lets me stay in his pack is to be a slave once more.

His slave.

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