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Aug 21, 2022

Hello friends! I'm Jan James, the founder of Hope After Breast Cancer.

If you don’t know my story, I was diagnosed in 2012 with breast cancer, and I have joyfully been serving the breast cancer community since then as a breast cancer advocate. Then in 2020, God gave me a much bigger vision for my service to the breast cancer community.

I had come to know that almost all of the women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis were silently suffering with wounds no one talked about. Whether it was brain fog, self-image issues, fear of recurrence, or intimacy issues caused by cancer treatment, no one was talking about it—and more importantly, NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT HOW TO HEAL THOSE ISSUES. The doctors we were already seeing didn’t seem to know how to help us.

So I had a new, refined mission. I needed to find EXPERTS who could speak to our women about those issues and provide actual solutions. Hope After Breast Cancer was born in 2020.

And it’s been a ball. And it’s growing SO fast. Our fastest growing support group is our private Sex After Breast Cancer group on Facebook. I just found a note today that on August 22, 2021, we hit 5,000 women in that group. Well, guess what? Tomorrow is one year later, and our current population is 9,551—we’ve just about DOUBLED the size of the group in one year. And guess what? We have women in 80 countries! So sexual issues after a breast cancer diagnosis aren’t a US problem—they’re a GLOBAL problem. We’re growing because we provide answers. It’s really been a WILD and EXHILARATNG ride this last year.

And here’s the best part. The solutions and advice our beautiful Contributing Expert team share are SAVING MARRIAGES and FAMILIES. We are hearing more and more SUCCESS STORIES! I just recorded another success story podcast yesterday with one of our women. Hearing success stories will continue to encourage our community that there IS hope after a breast cancer diagnosis! They don’t need to continue to suffer in silence! It’s working!

Some of you know that when Hubby Greg got let go from the career he loved earlier this year for not being vaccinated, he started to work more and more closely with me to help with our beloved Hope After Breast Cancer venture. He is doing INCREDIBLE work for our pink community, especially in the area of our Hope After Breast Cancer Podcast. Today Episode 32 airs, and we really hope that you’ll find it on your favorite podcast platform and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Subscribing will allow more of our pink sisters see it! We need to get the solutions we are finding through our team of experts out to the entire breast cancer world!

I absolutely love serving our community, and I am SO grateful for the way that God has been bringing so many SOLUTIONS to our women! I feel as if everything I’ve done in my life has prepared me for THIS particular time in my life! I’m so passionate about it. And it feels as if I’m pretty good at it, too. I take great pride in the successes we’ve had so far in helping our women, and we’ve only just begun!

Personally we're in a new season now. Greg and I have been absorbing the costs of our breast cancer advocacy efforts for over ten years now. And as you know, there are costs for everything from office supplies to keeping our website and podcast up and running. We’re deeply grateful for the creative and unexpected ways God always provides for us.

In thinking deeply about our incredible growth over the last year, I realized something. We want to make our service to the breast cancer community across the world a joint venture—A MOVEMENT. Thousands of women are already benefitting from what we do, but the truth is that MILLIONS MORE need the information we’re providing! And we can’t do that alone!

Here’s our invitation for you. We’ve created TEAM HOPE, a movement of supporters for all of our efforts in the breast cancer community. It’s simple to join! If you support what we’re doing, TEAM HOPE has three ways you can partner with us.

Become a prayer partner for our efforts. If you're the praying type, please pray for the women we serve and for our efforts to effectively and lovingly serve them! If you'd like to join our prayer team, please email me at [email protected]

Become a TEAM HOPE Member by pledging annual support through Buy Me A Coffee. Providing annual support ($50+ USD/year suggested), you’ll get the inside scoop through a monthly behind-the-scenes update about the projects we’re working on and be able to give your direct feedback! Watch for monthly updates on this website!

Provide one-time or occasional financial support through this Buy Me A Coffee page (one coffee= $5 USD).

So that’s it, friends. This is totally a JOINT VENTURE. We love doing it. But we can’t do it without YOU.

THANK YOU for your support of our efforts at Hope After Breast Cancer.



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