After turning 50 and raising my children (and then a grandchild for 8 years), I decided it was time for ME! I found a partner and we set a goal. We bought a camper and decided to live on the road and go see things I had never seen before. A year later, my partner had a quadruple bypass!! Talk about putting life into perspective, this really made the adventure more important. A year after his surgery, we started our new adventure and loving every minute of it. The best thing about it is, we are trying our best to only stay at the free camping and/or overnight parking areas!

check out the adventure as we go

I post my pictures and videos on several social media platforms.

@jans_travels -- TikTok,

JanaleeWyrick -- Instagram and

Jana Lee on facebook.

Feel free to go check out all the cool pictures so far.

BUT to keep me going on this new journey in life for me, I need CAFFEINE and GAS MONEY! No joke!! Gas prices are crazy right now!!