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Bobby and Ollie from Japan by River Cruise here

Thanks so much for landing on this page!

We’re saving up to buy our very own river cruise boat, and when we get it, we're inviting our listeners (that means you) on it too. 

The podcast is free for anyone to enjoy because enough listeners support us with $5 or more a month.  

If you enjoy what we do, please consider joining them today. You get early access to the podcast, the bonus chat that can't fit in the main episode, plus the occasional treat. It works out at less than $1 an episode, and we are very grateful for your support. 

Or, if you want the embarrassment of explaining to your friends and colleagues why you have a river boat sticker on your laptop, why not grab some JBRC merch? We ship (cruise) internationally with free shipping. 

🌊 See you on the water!