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Bobby and Ollie from Japan by River Cruise here. We’re saving up to buy our very own river cruise boat, and when we get it, we’ll be taking all of our fans and sponsors on it.

The fact that you give up 30 minutes a week listening to our podcast is payment enough. We also think that we would like payment.

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Thanks for your support, Brian. 

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Hey guys, this is a paltry thank you to Bobby for appearing on our show. Joe and the other guy were happy to have you on, especially the bits where you brutally laid into Ollie. If you can give the show a plug that's great, and you have my full permission to balance that by belittling The Beanpod in any way you see fit, not that you need it.

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Each show is a guaranteed laugh.  Thanks.

Thanks! For legal reasons we should stress that this is not a guarantee. 

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