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Hello everybody from Portland, Oregon. Glad to be back on Buy Me a Coffee! 🎉

The fabric of the social web is changing. On the one hand, we have movements around ethical tech, open source, and open protocols (federation or "the fediverse" as many call it now)—maintaining local control against the onslaught of corporate media.

And on the other hand…well, just look at what's happening right now with Twitter. And Meta. And—sooner rather than later—TikTok. 😬

I'm here to highlight the evergreen necessity of honoring the trifecta of "earnest content creation in good faith" — the business, the art, and the ethics of being a creator on the web. Every compromise you make, down to the services you use, the thumbnail you select for your YouTube video, or the controversial tone you take with a micropost, can wear you down. Is that truly the key to success? Or are we realizing we've been feeding the monster all along and now the monster is out for blood?

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