You’re the spirit of the wind

You’re every beautiful thing


The light of my life 

You’re the spirit of summer and spring 


You’re music on the air

You’re the light of love in my eyes


You’re the doorway to everything 

You’re the bend and sighs of the trees

In my darkest moments 

A slipnoose haunting me

In that midnight hour

When I didn’t want to even be

You came rushing to save me


You’re the morning burning bright 

You’re the queen of my heart 

Truly a

Reason to keep going on

Rescuing me from the arms of the night 


You make me want to sing

You’re a poem to the moon 


You don’t know what you mean

You’re just the breath of the moment soon

Julia, I love you 

Julia, I love you 

I just want to look in your eyes