Oct 08, 2022

Where Else I’m Going

I wandered down many lonely roadsI got lost and never found I’ve driven miles of backroads Leaving behind small towns  I’ve walked and rambled all over Through woods and past houses Drove the same streets in October Taking time to smell the flowers  I used to think my reason was you Now I know the reason to keep going Is finding where else I’m going to Out on the... more

Oct 08, 2022

Further Away

Further and further On a distant white shoreStanding by the waterWatching the skiesWhile further awayThe people I used to know Get smaller and smaller  

Oct 06, 2022

Still the Same Old Thing

Trying to catch my breath Like a thousand times before Wondering if this’ll be my deathLike a thousand times more And you still haunt my mind in a sun dress I dropped you out of my mind Like dead weight out on the roadNo longer carrying you all the time No longer paying that heavy tollFound better ways to spend my time  And at the end of the day It’s still the same old thing I love someone who... more

Oct 05, 2022

My New Desire

I see your picture And I sighYou’re a fixture Of my days and nights  I look at your photos And I cryFor I’m now soloAnd without a how or why Your pretty face Your black nailsYour secret place You shared without fail You were a blessing You were a new fireNow I’m guessing If I’ll ever see you—my new desire  The days don’t seem... more

Oct 05, 2022

Never Got the Chance

I never got the chance To hear your story To discuss your history To see much of your face To really make a place In your heart  I never got the chance To get to know you muchTo tell you how I feel and suchTo just get closer to you To have the chance to I never got the chance To really help with your workTo see more of your church To get to always see how cuteYou are and hear you say it... more

Oct 04, 2022

Counting Every Hour

I hope the day soon comes When all of this burns awayAnd I can escape from The stupid shit that makes up my days When I can pack a caseAnd fly out from the city at night Touch down in a new hometown And spend my time on the beach tonight  I’m counting every dayI’m counting every hourEvery second a lifetime longer Taking away a story that’s ours Because in my dreams The sky’s so blue... more

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