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Static Jazz

Jun 24, 2022

Like that song on the radio says

“Don’t let me down “

As that disco beat song says

“Don’t bring me down “

We can dance the night away

Dodging verbal grenades 

As we duck and cover 

Hurling hurt at each other 

Bleeding from the things you don’t say

Like that Bowie song says,

“Never Let Me Down”

Like that Hendrix song says,

“Where you gonna run to now?”

We can talk and talk and talk all night 

Waste our time, start another fight

We could bring up every little pinprick

We can go for the throat til we’re sick

As the radio plays that stupid song

About missing a lover so long

We can dance with each other 

We could yell and shout and uncover 

Everything we’ve always wanted to say

Everything we’ve hidden away

Shot through the heart with emotional shotguns 

So many songs about runaway

Miss Misery let me down 

That’s what Elliott said

As we fight to Radiohead singing “Let Down”

And like a dumb love song says, you fill my head 

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