I could never thank you enough 

For all of the things you do

Could never repay you enough 

When my life was spiraling out

And the storms got tough

You were there to hold me 

And keep me in your heart of love

When I was going through anything 

Pain and delusions and madness 

Your love and kindness everything 

To keep me from sadness 

And keep my feet on this earth

When anxiety held me in blindness 

And I can’t tell you what it’s worth

You were always my soulmate 

Always the missing piece

Together, we complete one another 

And through you I find peace

Your love and empathy love me

And nourish this heart

Like gentle rain from above me

My dearest soul friend, 

What could I ever say?

To sum up these tidal emotions 

That turn peaceful into sway?

To tell you how much you mean?

And how for you I’d go all the way

To the edge of this world and back?

In this stillness between us

Where we can feel each other’s love 

I just want to hug you tight 

And feel how we fit like a glove 

You and me’ve been through so much 

And carried the wounds of the past

But in each other, we find our hearts touch