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Software engineer @OracleIaaS, previously @Microsoft. Maintainer of #vscodevim.

Thank you for your support! If you are buying a coffee for #vscodevim, I'll share it with the rest of the maintainers.

csuzdy bought a coffee.

I always missed the fast text editing features of Vim, when I started to use modern IDE's (Eclipse, VSCode). With your fantastic plugin, finally we can enjoy the benefits of both VSCode and VIM together. Thank you for your work!

Marcel van den Elst
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<i>Gra<ESC><bdw> Ah... <shift+home><del> Grateful for getting even more opportunities to delete Vim commands in rarely used non-vim/ex environments.

Dallin Clayton
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Literally makes my coding environment possible. I'd go crazy without this plugin

Jabir Ali Ouassou
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