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Software engineer @OracleIaaS, previously @Microsoft. Maintainer of #vscodevim.

Thank you for your support! If you are buying a coffee for #vscodevim, I'll share it with the rest of the maintainers.

Max Coplan
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I love vim, but have recently needed to use VSCode for some tasks at work. This plugin is incredible and made the transition much smoother. THANK YOU! ☕️ 

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I did not use Vim until this plugin (#vscodevim), so thank you for making it easy to transition to it while still working in VSCode. It is really awesome. Quick side nitpick: snippet placeholders (multi-cursor) do not work properly and it's my one major complaint about this plugin. I've tried many solutions presented on github issues but have never found a workaround.

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Anybody who knows vi is a friend of mine.  Enjoy