Buy JATOS a coffee


JATOS is free and open source. To support scientists during Covid-19 moving their lab experiments to its online counterpart a JATOS server for everyone free to use was set up. It cost a bit to rent the server. So please buy me a coffee. 

Someone bought a coffee.

That was the final 'coffee' to extend the COVID server until end of October 😊 

@yivanov_ bought a coffee.

Intuitive software that's constantly getting improved. It has been tremendously useful!

Thanks a lot :D

@YvonneOberholz bought 3 coffees.

Thank you for being awesome! JATOS has been a huge help in running my online studies.

Always nice to hear!

Shaine bought a coffee.

Thank you for the assistance on server specifications!

You are welcome!

Jacquie bought 5 coffees.

I can't thank you enough for making JATOS! It has been absolutely crucial for my work.

That is really nice to hear.