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I'm a foreign policy expert and civic advocate you may know from guest spots on DW News, or from smashing Russian propaganda on Twitter... I volunteered part time with Ukrainian groups in Berlin since early Feb, but as it became clear my government wasn't going to step up I realized I had to. I wrapped up my regular work and since April am supporting Ukraine full time, with no pay or help with travel costs. So far I've mobilized over 30,000€ for supplies and raised my voice for Ukraine through media commentary on DW, BBC World Service, ZDF, the Washington Post and others. I'm now organizing a long-term, pan-European campaign to enable a steady stream of non-lethal supplies into Ukraine and bring Made in Ukraine products to the rest of Europe, for which I travel regularly between my home in Berlin and Kyiv (which is starting to feel like a second home 💛).
If you're a fan of my work and can help me keep going with 5€ a month I'd be very grateful. If you can afford more amazing, I'm very grateful too!
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Thank you all, and glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦✊

PS. If you'd like to learn more about my work, below are links to my website, Twitter, and a TEDx I gave in 2018 about the transatlantic democratic crisis, which explains a lot about why I do what I do: