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Thanks for using my software. I'm a single developer and you donation helps give me more of an excuse to find the time to keep moving :)

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nightcom bought 3 coffees.

Just wanted to say you doing great work! I love your container version. Using it with over 20 VM's and dockers and works perfect.  If I can suggest maybe some simple stats in future? How many connections, redirection's, general load of system? Not to much to keep it lightweight.

Thanks for the support. Yep I've looked in to it, unfortunately nginx doesn't expose that directly so a heavier log system would be required.

marydn bought a coffee.

It works wonders with almost no effort. I tried several projects before landing into yours and this is nicely done. I'm using it for personal projects. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the donation, glad to help :)

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you for creating this handy tool!

Thanks :)

@SwissMaik bought 5 coffees.

Found this project yesterday, implemented it in no time and works wonderful. Good Job. Thanks.

You're welcome :)

Laurie Neville bought 5 coffees.

So easy to use and ... well, just GREAT!

Thanks for the kind words :)