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Thanks for using my software. I'm a single developer and you donation helps give me more of an excuse to find the time to keep moving :)

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spalger bought jc21 10 coffees.

Thank you so much! This is great

voyager529 bought jc21 5 coffees.

I'd been looking for this exact thing for years. Thanks so much!

Bernie bought jc21 5 coffees.

thanks for your great contribution, made it super easy to expose my NextCloud

Marco de Jong bought jc21 3 coffees.

Really awesome tool. Works smooth and makes it so much easier for me too configure proxys/ssl

Thanks for the support!

Matt bought jc21 3 coffees.

This app is so simple to use with unraid. LOVE the letsencrypt support. Only criticism is a better error message when letsencrypt fails 

Thanks for the support and feedback!