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Thanks for using my software. I'm a single developer and you donation helps give me more of an excuse to find the time to keep moving :)

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This application is the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much for developing it. All I need to figure out now is why I am having trouble with Home Assistant behind the reverse proxy.

Thanks for your praise and support! I haven't had any issues with HA yet, join the Gitter chat if you need some help!

Bas bought a coffee.

Thanks, I was looking for a solution like this for a long time! Really happy!

Thanks for the support :)

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This docker saved me when my primary NGINX Proxy server crashed. Thank you for this easy to use docker!!!

No problem, thanks for your donation!

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Great software, makes nginx reverse proxy a ease to use!

Thanks so much!

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I wouldn't normally donate money like this, but will make an exception for the effort and work you must have put in to get this software as slick as it is. Keep up the excellent work and many thanks.

I don't normally ask for donations either, but this project requires more support than I expected :( Thanks for your support! Really appreciate it