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My ars poetics: ,,I see it so, that our age, very much showed what should do, very much said, very material and very noisy. For what I am looking in my environment and my works show what should do, that unsaid one, the quiet one, the mysterious one, the mystic.' Member of The Association of Hungarian Fine Artists. I'm graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest. In my works I try to portray the atmosphere around me in these new century. In our Complex world I need to find an artistic language what can translate my vision of the mingling of cultures and emotions. For me painting is a way of living, of expressing myself and my opinions, and I never cease to question and judge it. My art works are represented in private collections in Hungary, USA, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, England, France, Croatia, China, Dubai, Canada, Transylvania. About abstracts: If we pay attention to ourselves, listen to our inner voices, we notice our inner life, that our inner world is full of things, our self-knowledge. Our lives, inner- selves are abstract and deep. The questions are for me always how to express the unsaid, the feelings, the thoughts, the unformulated. How to tell a friend, how was a concert? How was an exhibition? Have we got words for abstract feelings , thoughts which appear in the moment? These are the questions which I ask myself day after day, and as an artist I try to give answers with my art. Thank you for your attention.