I've been unsure what to put here, since I haven't seriously considered the possibility of people actually wanting to give me money. However, my recent (but temporary) problems with Mailchimp make me think that this could become a replacement or supplement for the mailing list.

To that end, you'll start seeing the newsletter here, a few days after I send it out on Mailchimp; followers (no money required) will get a copy by e-mail, provided that I remember to check the box to the right. During the month, however, my members will also receive previews of the newsletter content as I write it. For example, I will finish reading a book shortly, so a members-only explanation will soon go out with my thoughts, which I'll collect for the May newsletter.

So, if you needed an added excuse to throw money at me, that might convince you. And I'll see if I can tolerate doing this for the summer, before deciding whether to continue.