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Hi, I'm a Senior Front-End Developer, but also an Open Source programmer. Mostly known for jQuery Terminal library. A library that allows the creation of Websites that look like a Terminal. (You can call them fake terminals).

But I'm also an author of:

* Sysend.js

* LIPS Scheme

* Gaiman

and maintainer of:
* Isomorphic-git

I'm also a photographer, most of my photography is available on Creative Commons Licenses on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons.

I'm an Artist at Open Clipart, but I'm not as active as I use to be. Doing mostly remixes, when I remember to visit the website, find some cool clipart, and had an idea how to modify it.

I have a blog Głównie JavaScript (in Polish). And in a process of creating a Blog signed with my own name on a new domain, that will be a mix of photography, programming, and my own personal stories.