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Hello and welcome. My name is JONATHAN and I am an artist working on illustration and graphic exploration since 2010. I live in Bogotá, Colombia.

So, I created these profile to share with you my very first personal project that I am currently working on. This is about a world of faerie creatures that intertwines with ours and which I hope to be publishing soon. Everything is based on medieval imagery, old grimories and celtic myths and legends. I called to this project 'Lá Fáinne' that means "Fairies' ring" and I hope someday I can count their stories on some comics, illustrations, animations and more.
To me, fairies are manifestations of certain nature forces that are beyond human understanding but, that connect with ours in a deep and unconscious ways. My fairies are not as Disney's at all!

Let me show how. I hope you enjoy my fairies.