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Welcome as you admire my Stoned Ape #534 NFT above. Starting in 2017, my journey as a trader gave me many things in life and I wish to share this knowledge with others for a very small request. You can now buy me a coffee for my services or subscribe to my monthly access as a royal patron! 

Background: As many others, in 2017 I started in a multilevel marketing company that taught you how to trade until I felt that I maxed my learning capabilities within the company, my focus was more towards trading knowledge, the others were focused on marketing knowledge. I then in 2019 participated in multiple seminars, paid master classes and self-research to finally come to my own understanding of market structure and technical strategies that helped me move out my parents house and never look back after applying these strategies and market structures for 8 months with consistency.  

NFT Background: In August I purchased my first NFT with United Punks Union. In doing this and being active in the community I earned the title of Community Manager Also having to manage Moon Monsters . In this position you learn all angles from coding to drafting, to minting new, to solidity and marketing. You learn of tools to identify specific market trends, what's hot, what's trending and when to buy when gas is low. With all of this knowledge and helping the project sell 3.5K Mints. I calculated & perfect drops out of 9. Personally sold 4 NFTs of my own. With this knowledge on top of trading we will slowly build both a digital and physical portfolio.

I look forward to giving you the most value for your buck unlike other materials, you will not only master useful theoretical fundamentals, but also have the opportunity to think about what you have learned, apply your knowledge and learn while doing so.

Disclaimer: I can not give you financial advise. I am not a financial advisor. If you need personalized financial advise, please contact a qualified Independent Financial Adviser .

I can provide mentoring and coaching for your intended goals; share my watchlist and stock ideas that I, personally, am thinking of. The stock ideas and watchlist must be used as educational resources only and not to be assumed as trade recommendations to buy or sell. You must do your due diligence before you invest  using you money. You are responsible for your decisions to buy or sell any investment. The value of your investments can rise as well as fall, & you could get back less than you invested. The ideas mentioned on this service may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. We are not authorized or regulated by Financial Conduct Authority.