On December 7, 2019, as many of you remember perfectly, I'd been forced to take a break from social media due to a huge privacy issue/illegal spread of personal data/defamation I had just found out was going on behind my back.

As you can see, I've covered the names of the likes and comments just because I don't intend to expose anyone else but the responsibles for what happened to me/keeps happening with my privacy on line.

I'm pretty sure that this biographical series of chapters won't be the resolution for my problem, I know a lot of you already know what I'm talking about but won't talk about it for some reason they might have given you to shut up/play along with it, nevertheless I feel the urge to leave my personal version of the story, which is unfortunately more than real, written and available for everyone to read, both for my mental health's sake (because this game has severely affected my already fragile mental balance and because I need to clarify everything firstly to myself, to remind me of the truth everyone is having fun to distort,interpret and judge, to never forget what truly happened and how I've felt), and for transparency with those who know me/came to know about me because of this story.

Whether you like it or not I need to explain myself, because this situation is killing me from the inside to the outside of my reputation and it's only harmful to ignore the impact it has on my everyday life.

So first and foremost, I'll repeat that I'm no actress, I am a verified existing human being, I gain nothing from this, and I'd rather talk about/do anything else but writing about my past that keeps chasing me out of the track I was finally starting to head towards.

I'll use some of my old pics as a frame for my biography, some of them will be posted on Patreon with the lyrics of songs I like as caption that remind me of the mood I was into when they were taken.

I can assure you, this is totally necessary to me even though you'll likely not believe me or judge me negatively. I have no reason to lie, not only because I don't like to pretend to be something I'm not with others, but most of all because it wouldn't help me anyway.

Hope you'll understand why I , as much as anyone else, have the human right to speak up and express myself without fear of others' hate,disapproval or censorship through ostracism.