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Hey 👋 

I'm Jellybean and I am the most adorable black cat EVER.

Sometimes I can be so wicked but my mom lovez me to bits so I can pretty much do whatever I want and she ends up taking pictures or videos of it because she can't keep a straight face even when I'm being a little naughty.
All I haz to do is look all cute and she melts no matter what.
One day I was so adorbsable when I stole momz ice cream & she took a video of it & sent it to her bestest friend who then showed it to everyone around him, creating my first fan base.
So mom thought, maybe others would like to see my cuteness as well & she started uploading my pictures on Instagram
And people likez me a lot. But there are so many more pictures and videos mom haz that I didn't upload to Instagram & I decided to uploadz them here for you.

I know you will likez them because as you know the world revolves only around Me!