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Top 5 Cheap Wholesale Mobile Accessories Products for Resale In 2020

Dec 01, 2020

The following conversation is going to be interesting not only for the wholesale business holders but also for mobile users.  As a business holder, this data causes you to get a major procuring in the market. If you are only a user, you come to know about the essential t and modest portable accessories l that are usually utilizing nowadays.

In this advanced world, nobody can even think of living without a mobile phone.  People care for their mobile phones the same as they do for their family and friends. As they are providing the same affection as their loved ones.

We have another shocking fact related to mobile. Are you ready for it?

In the world, more than 200 billion people get addicted to nomophobia (addiction to mobile phones).  And this number is going to increase as you also observe the attraction of people to mobiles. We have something more for you. Mobile phone penetration in the USA is more than 83%.

People are very touchy with their mobile phones. Nearly everyone is using at least one of the below- referenced accessories to make the phones more productive and gainful. We suggest you add them to your wholesale products and the outcome will be high profits.

1. Mobile chargers and power banks 

Mobile phones are useless without chargers. Do you agree with me?

Yes,  It is the most crucial accessory as the mobile itself. Every mobile holder must have at least one charger to keep the mobiles active. Consequently, most of us keep the charger with them even for a short distance. At a far distance, they also required power banks with them.  These are easy to carry and occupy almost no space. Because of its high demand, the versatile range of chargers with a variety of features are available like a wall charger, USB port, USB multiple ports, the wireless car charger is the most used and cheap mobile accessories. 

2. Mobile cables

The second frequently using mobile accessory is mobile cables. they are used to transfer data from personal computers to other computer devices. people demanded various cables depending upon the requirement of the task. Sometimes they are needed for charging and some people need it for connecting to printers. If people want to transfer data from their mobile phones they need micro USB. There are multiple  USBs available with various tasks. These cables are affordable in price and useful. 

3. Mobile cases

You know that people are over conscious of their mobile. You never observe a  mobile without any protecting case. Mobile cases are not only used to give protection. The beautiful pattern and designs enhance its beauty. When they feel bored with the one case. They prefer to change it with a beautiful and stylish case instead of changing the mobile as they are available at affordable prices. Different types of cases available with different features some of them are given below. Target the high demand of the market you must need mobile cases with a variety of colors, sizes, designs for different models of various brands.

  • Mobile skin cover

  • Mobile flip cover

  • Mobile shell cover

  • Mobile bumpers

  • Mobile standing covers

4. Mobile holders

Did you observe how many people use their phones for filming or capturing purpose? Of course, most of us do that. Approximately, 45 % of mobile phone users damage their phones accidentally. Mobile holders are a good option for them.  The holder is a perfect accessory that is using frequently. A variety of holders are being used for multiple purposes. Whether people want to watch a lengthy show on mobile or to make a video they need a holder for it. Smaller holders are also available. We suggest you, the high in demand mobile holders, that you can add in the mobile accessory wholesale business.

  • Pop sockets

  • Mobile Rings

  • Mobile folding stands

  • Standing stands 

  • Stick on stands

  • Magnetic stands

  • easel

5. Mobile Screen protectors and security protectors

A big portion of mobile users is also using screen protectors. The material of the smart phone’s screen is glass. According to an estimate, average mobile users touch their screen more than 2600 times a day. Without using a protector, the mobile screen gets scratches, and the user is unable to see a clear vision.

Many people use security protectors also as they do not want that any third person sees on their mobile phones. The most using types of mobile protectors are multilayer screen protector, tempered glass, PET plastic, TPU plastic. Security protector. 


The above mentioned are very common and cheap mobile accessories. That you must need for your wholesale mobile accessories business. But now you're thinking about the right place to buy these products. We will provide you an easy solution. It is the era of digital trade. There are so many options like Alibaba, eBay, Amazon SeeBiz. We recommend you go for SeeBiz.  Each and everything with the versatile range available on a single click. They provide you free registration. Build your business relation with your related wholesalers and suppliers. Think in a productive way and take advantage of advanced technology.

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