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Love Your Life is a Law of Attraction podcast to inspire, uplift, and add more joy to your life.

Creating this page is a small example of being in receiving mode.

So often we want to manifest BIG things, but then we say “no” to the smallest things, like receiving a compliment or a free cup of coffee. And that, my friend, sends the wrong message to the Universe.

You have to be IN receiving mode to actually receive what you desire. That’s true for goals you want to achieve, shiny pennies you want to acquire, experiences you want to have, and states of being you’d like to embody.

So this is me being in receiving mode! If you appreciate Love Your Life + Law of Attraction, you can buy me an alignment drink. ☕️

✨Thank you for your support! ✨

With love and appreciation,

angela clark
angela clark bought a coffee.

I learn so much every podcast. I can’t thank you enough. It’s changing my life. 

Thanks for the coffee, Angela!  

angela clark
angela clark bought a coffee.

I love love love all of your podcasts! They have helped me so much! You have a way of communicating so clearly that has helped me understand in a way that I have yet to find with any other person sharing about LOA! Thanks, angela clark 

You are so welcome, Angela!  Thank you for the coffee and sweet message.  Wishing you all kinds of wonderful!

I am pretty sure I will do a coaching session in the near future. My coaching with another is ending this month :)  Also is manifesting with ease, an hour long audio with PDF?

Also do you have FB Group? Or Instagram account?

Someone bought a coffee.

I just love your podcast! The information is easy to digest and helps get me in alignment. It has been so helpful to me on my LOA journey. Thank you! 

You are so welcome for the podcast and thank YOU for the coffee!  Wishing you all kinds of wonderful!

Helen Cooper
Helen Cooper bought 3 coffees.
@SusanMeyerIntl bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for putting out the steady stream of good vibes. It’s a 3-cup take your time kind of day.  Happy Saturday!  

How sweet!  Love the vibe! Thank you, Susan!