For the arts in this study it should be noted that xxxseximg within the professional training in arts at the undergraduate level that is taught at the xxxseximg uv there is until now no obvious proposal of educational experiences xxxseximg nude or professional practices with topics of cultural management as a central theme that contribute to the professional-artistic practice upon graduation. Therefore respondents were asked if they considered it important to have km knowledge in their professional-artistic practice obtaining the following results of the respondents that is xxxseximg out of 10 graduates consider that it is important to have knowledge about cultural management in their professional artistic practice and only mention that it is not important. They also expose the strengths they find when acquiring this knowledge in the following way: in this sense it is pointed out that the respondents consider that cultural management reinforces their professional and artistic practice. And with the linking exercise that has been carried out between the aforementioned data and the three proposed tools a clear picture is obtained that art graduates require an orientation and use of the gc tools that support their activities within the cultural field and artistic. It is also important to point out that there are those who state that during their professional training in the arts they did not obtain knowledge in nude cultural management and think that they are necessary. Below are some answers that show this: unfortunately the education i received in mexico was focused on learn to play my instrument and have the tools to apply music theory. The uv is only focused on creating performers teachers and researchers. Because the arts graduate must xxxseximg have a clear picture of how to link their artistic production with its immediate context. When graduating from the career these mechanisms become essential otherwise the graduate must resort to a cultural xxxseximg manager. But how nude can it nude be done given the conditions and nature of the art graduates. Hence it is essential to know the characteristics that the respondents consider that an arts graduate should know and know about cultural management the most mentioned information is presented below: with the data that the respondents provided nude the interest they show in having the necessary tools to support their artistic professional activity which some know and practice others inquire in search of improving their work and income. Likewise some mention that it is in their professional training that they should be instructed the responses that exemplify this position are cited here. You must know how to do a project: planning justification budget. Dissemination organization scholarships. I think more professional-artistic practice should be encouraged more seriously that is to say to press more from the same academy to leave it. From the fact that there are no faculty level exhibitions at the end of the semester. It should be commissioned as a subject that upper semester students organize a faculty-level exhibition every semester nude inviting galleries critics etc. Each student must prepare their piece to present and each group curates.