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Hi & welcome. I'm Jerry.

I share Asian American stories through podcasts and on Clubhouse. I also help others do the same and be great at it.

Some of our podcasts you may have heard:

* Dear Asian Americans
* Korean American Parenting
* MBAsians
* Beyond the Resumes
* The Janchi Show

I also host multiple rooms on Clubhouse weekly at the Asian Americans Club where we meet and learn from amazing friends.

Prior to media, I was a management consultant and sales leader at companies large and small. I have a BS from USC Marshall and an MBA from Michigan Ross. I have and currently sit on a number of non profit boards.

Who you are and why you're here
You may have found me through one of our podcasts or on Clubhouse. Or maybe you're a personal friend of mine. However you got here, welcome and thank you.

Where your support goes
Creating content through podcasts and conversation has been the best job I've ever had. But I can't do it alone and would be honored if you could join me in this mission. Your gifts will go to pay for direct expenses to produce, edit, and market our shows. It also ensures that I can focus my time and energy on creating content for years to come.

You can support with a one time gift or become a member.

What else?
I'm really good at this podcasting and Clubhouse thing and I can help you be awesome at it too. Head over to the Extras section to hire me to help you build your own platform or show. If you want more help, email me at [email protected] and we'll set up monthly coaching.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my story.

Whether you support me today or not, I am very grateful and love all of you very much.

Let's stay connected:
* LinkedIn:
* Instagram: @jerryJwon
* Clubhouse: @jerrywon

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