Jul 08, 2022

OpenAir MT - Week 2

Week 2 was about reading, reading, reading. After receiving a DropBox folder of still, after weeding out duplicates and pictures, 50+ scholarly articles on insect stridulation, it was time to dive in!Things I have learned: there are many different ways that insects stridulate whether it be by wings, thorax, or abdomen. Females prefer males with stridulations that are loud, fast, with a long duration, and varied. Reading scientific descriptions of sound qualities is hilarious and everyone... more


Jul 01, 2022

OpenAirMT Residency Week 1

Jun 20, 2022

Climate Stream of Consciousness

Climate and weather are on my mind. Probably because it is 99 outside, feels like 107 because of humidity, and I don't have air conditioning. Currently, "turbo", the most excellent industrial fan, is roaring away 6 feet away from me and after an exceptionally sweaty violin practice, a cold frosty beer sits.In Montana, where I grew up, we always ran 10 degrees cooler than town. This was great in the summer, when I had to get up at 4:30 to ride into town and start painting... more

Jun 07, 2022

10 Years Later

I turn the big 35 this week. While I'm not big on age and just kinda enjoy birthdays, this is one of the big ones that makes you consider how things have changed. So....10 years ago, I was in an abusive relationship. Now, I have a delightfully warm, kind, and compassionate partner.I arrived in Seattle with 40,000+ dollars in debt and 150 dollars to my name. I finished paying off all my student loans last year.I hadn't composed anything since my master's thesis. Now, I'm... more


May 27, 2022

Now Here! Lemur Meets Panda

May 23, 2022

LA Premiere! Lemur Meets Panda
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