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Hello Lovelies, Stomptroopers, Listeners, Readers & Movie Watchers, and whoever else ended up here,

You should know who I am, however let me enlighten you. I am The Rogue Dj, Jessika Darkstar, the Queen (Station Director) of Dark Star Radio, the Story Telling DJ extraordinaire!  I am also Zowie Stardust, the live COSPLAYing Tribute Singer to the one David Bowie, I am also the writer's pen of the one and only Wanda Lorelei O'Fallon. I am also a CosplayingTikTok Actor and Book Reviewer seeking Work & Collab. 

Besides that, you may see my name in the credits of Movies and TV Shows you may see in the future as I strive to be the BEST PRODUCER ever. I also tend to enjoy voice acting, give me the VILLAIN PARTS! Seriously, I'd love you forever. 

So whatever reason you found yourself here to my page! I want to thank you for buying me a coffee! I so appreciate the caffeine. I need it in order to achieve my goals of world domination by becoming the next big Media Mogul next to George Lucas & Walt Disney.

Mwah! Xoxox!

Jessika Darkstar