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Hey there, folks! A few years back people told me to create a Patreon, but I never really promoted it. Well, I've moved over to BMAC which feels a lot simpler and easier to use... a nice third party tool for accepting donations while also allowing for more transparency (and privacy).

I've invested thousands of hours over the past several years building SlickStack (and some free WordPress plugins, too), but have never liked the idea of "locking" certain features in a premium version. In fact, for the past decade I've been more and more disgusted at the fraud and cronyism that has become so prevalent in online marketing, which is why I've doubled down on my belief in free speech and free software... even at great financial expense and personal hardship. I've been banned at, Reddit, Quora, and elsewhere for asking too many questions -- major web forums that claim to embrace the free exchange of ideas, which obviously is not true whatsoever. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's the same Silicon Valley investors behind most major apps and platforms, which is why independent creators (and FOSS) are so critical.

If you appreciate my work and it truly helps you, or you want to support my efforts at defending the open web in an industry that's so infested with crooks and liars, feel free to donate here anytime!

P.S. No sexy photos or VIP podcast episodes here, so the Membership levels are really just about how much you want to donate monthly.