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Hey 👋 I help intermediate level brazilian zouk dancers improve their dance skills by writing about dance at and providing feedback on their dance.

.:: ABOUT ::.

I started social dancing in spring of 2016. Most of these 6 years I have focused dancing and learning brazilian zouk but also have practiced bachata, salsa, kizomba and more. I have years of ladies styling experience in bachata, salsa and kizomba. In addition to social dance I have practiced throughout my life many solo dance styles like ballet, reggaeton, hip-hop, jazz, heels and more.

I have gone from

- being a typical beginner dancer to being invited to teach zouk and bachata at multiple dance studios and events

- cringing at my dance videos to being proud to show them off on social media

- not knowing what to do with my arms during dancing to teaching ladies styling to other followers

- having a typical office worker posture to achieving my dream upright dance posture and a fit dancer’s body I never thought was possible for me

- feeling shy and awkward when dancing to feeling confident in dancing

- being stiff and inflexible to moving my hips freely and doing body isolations with ease

...and I can help you do that too!

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