Hi there and welcome to my page! Pleasure to e-meet you :) My name is Stephanie and I'm a certified business trainer as well as a sales professional who has been working for 9 years in fast-paced, high pressure corporate environments like Luxury Retail (Tiffany & Co), Banking, Management Consulting and Recruitment.

I created this page and the YouTube Channel to share with you my knowledge and help creative entrepreneurs and their sales force to make the world a more beautiful, sparkling place. Having been an entrepreneur myself and having built several businesses for the past 6 years as well as mentored startups and fresh entrepreneurs, I understand how intimidating and overwhelming this journey can be. Especially, when sales are needed to survive as a business but you might have no sales experience. I am here to have your back! You are not alone and no one has to do this journey alone!

This channel is created for sales professional within the luxury retail industry (jewelry), so parts of it will focus on shop management as well as jewelry designers who are building their business. I will not only do 'classical sales training' as I believe in building a long-lasting relationship with your customer and wow them along the way. Also, I believe that mental health and the people in your business are your most valuable asset - so there will be lots of information around personal development, keeping mentally healthy and growing while creating the most beautiful pieces.

There will be cheat sheets and digital downloads that I will try to make available on a 'pay as much as you like and can' basis - so.. you can download for free and leave me a tip (by buying me a coffee) if you like. Please feel free to share the channel, like and subscribe as this will help me tremendous growing my own channel and supporting more people.

Thank you,