Buy jexion a coffee



Hello There! Thank you for dropping by in my page! I am Jexion and I do digital illustration focusing on fantasy like: Dunegons and Dragons, MTG, Tolkien, Witcher, Dragon Age.

​My ultimate goal is to create at least 1 official artwork for Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons! 😅 For that to happen, I have been doing some personal projects and art commissions.

​Will I be able to create an official artwork for Wizard of the Coast? The road is very long for me and we'll see if I can even knock at their doorsteps!

​Also please go ahead, browse my artworks and let me know what you think about my illustrations. Please feel free to comment and say constructive criticism. If you like my art style, I'd be glad if you could buy me a coffee!

​Thank you so much!