This is my opinion, and if you are someone who does not believe in the teaching of the Bible or God then you may not like what I have to say.

However, this is what I believe.

We (Australia as a Nation) are reaping the ramifications of the manifestation of spiritual decisions. Plainly put, I believe we are currently seeing the wrath of God revealed from Heaven because of our ungodliness and unrighteousness.

We are currently seeing one catastrophic event after another because we are seeing the wrath of God, we are reaping what we have sown as a society.

This isn’t me talking to you as though I have never committed any sin and I am just a Holier than though kind of person. However I do believe the bible warns us that we will see our society fall into disaster as we continue to deny God and chase after our own lust filled desires.

In Romans 1 Paul is talking to a culture that is sex crazed, and women and men have given themselves over to immorality.

We see this in our "Modern Society" and our current “PRIDE” celebrations.

We are currently in the middle of “Pride Celebrations” here in Australia. We have embraced it with absolute fervor, our publicly funded broadcaster is proud to be the official broadcaster for “Pride”.

Anything goes, any wild lust filled desire that you can think of is good in these celebrations and in the mind of our ‘Modern Society’. However it is nothing new, these issues have always been there throughout the ages.

Businesses advertise specific campaigns targeting the “Pride” and LGBTQ movement. Yet what is the very sin that the Bible says Lucifer committed before being cast out of heaven? PRIDE.

So in regards to 'The Wrath Of God", I don’t believe it is a coincidence that Australia is also in the middle of a catastrophic weather event. We are seeing extreme flooding, extreme storm cells hit areas and leave a path of destruction almost like a bomb. Our NEWS broadcasters and weather forecasters are describing these storms as “Rain Bombs”.

We see in our society a growing abuse of the body, the soul and mind. Society is cut off from God and we see an abuse of morality and we justify our new morality and we lose all sense of boundaries.

It is a spiritual issue and the Bible is telling us that there is a verdict, a judgement, a price due for our actions.

I believe we are seeing that price playing out before our eyes.

That is not to say that God is not compassionate and full of Grace. He is constantly calling us to him, and wanting us to have a relationship with him. That is why scripture says he stands at the door of our heart knocking and waiting for us to let him in.

But when we consistently deny God and run toward our sinful desires. Then God gives us over to a debased mind and we will witness our world as we know it falling apart.

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