Police Minister Mark Ryan, " We can even ...

Police Minister Mark Ryan, " We can even graduate more recruits if we need to" Twelve Mont

Nov 25, 2022

Queensland Police Service cancels recruit training in face of low enrolment, despite high workforce attrition

A little over twelve months ago in an exclusive interview with Chanel 7, the police commish, Katarina Carroll, said "I'm very confident that we've done the math on this" when asked how she would handle losing a possible twelve hundred staff due to vaccine mandates. Carroll said she would fill staffing gaps by paying overtime, moving staff around the state and having some officers work extra shifts. 

Police Minister Mark Ryan also piped up and said, " We can even graduate more recruits if we need to so there's sufficient resources there".

So fast forward twelve months and police are leaving the service in droves. Commissioner Carroll said she was "keeping an eye on" the service's rising rate of attrition — the rate of staff leaving the service — which, she said, had risen from around 3 per cent to 5.5 per cent.

Meanwhile the Queensland Police Service has cancelled one of its recruit training periods due to a lack of enrolments, raising questions about its ability to attract and retain staff.

The intake was scheduled for December at the Oxley academy in Brisbane's south.

Its cancellation comes as the service desperately tries to draw recruits — waiving entrance requirements and test fees — and address cultural issues highlighted in recent reports.

When QPS and in particular the commissioner, bullied officers with vaccine mandates and threats of losing their jobs if you don't comply. Then participating in interviews and stating she "didn't see the problem" and if people leave well, just train up some more. This showed officers that the term which is thrown about inside station walls "Our People Matter" is just a meaningless slogan. Potential recruits looked on thinking, why would I work for those bullies.

Queensland Police Service Cancels Recruit Training - The Slippery Slope YouTube

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