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United Nothing Theatrics as Russia already had a deal with China to counter sanctions.

Feb 25, 2022

Russia And China Ink Huge Oil Deals As Ukraine Tensions Soar by Simon Watkins

Russia and China already had a deal in place which would soften the blow of any sanctions western nations could employ against Russia.

The disappointing thing is that our leaders knew this already. 

Yet they stood up at the U.N (United Nothing) Security Council and put on some grand theatrics telling Ukraine we stand with you. 

We will impose sanctions. All the while they knew the sanctions would not work. 

They impose sanctions on Russia dealing with European markets, which must have Putin laughing all the way to the bank of China.

They are beyond useless, and we Australians need to learn from what is happening. 

We need to keep this in mind when we view the Chinese Government aggression toward Taiwan and Japan.

This is not going to end with Ukraine or with sanctions.

That is my opinion.

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