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Welcome, I’m Jordan.

My work on the blog will always be free and accessible to you. I’ll keep writing each week. Anyone who is unable to give will not notice a change. But if you’ve enjoyed the blog in the past, and would like to contribute to its future, I hope you’ll consider buying a coffee. You are so appreciated.

If we’re only just meeting, let me introduce to you a bit of my work. I’m a short story writer, who dabbles in narration, longer forms of writing, and draws occasionally.


You’ll find the process of creating short stories appropriate for the kiddos and your favorite teenager.

You’ll find profile pieces of my favorite humans in history, like Louis Pasteur, John Snow, and Annie Edison Taylor.

You’ll find book reviews.

You’ll receive curated book lists of all different kinds--in case you need help figuring out what to read next.

And you’ll find recorded, narrated fiction and nonfiction, including most recently Arbor Fall Festival. You can find that here.

If this intrigues you, I invite you to read a story, maybe this one or that one. And if it has earned your affection, please consider supporting me here at buy me a coffee. Each donation is greatly appreciated. Coffee starts as low as a one time tip of $3.

I welcome all engagement. You can leave a comment here on this page and follow along at

JEFFREY LIZOTTE bought a coffee.
Bryan Brattlof
Bryan Brattlof bought a coffee.

Its been wonderful to be able to listen to you read your Arbor Fall Festival story on YouTube. I can't wait for chapter 4 to be published. 

Hey husband! Love you! Thanks for the flower!