Because I have a distaste for the cookie-cutter, orthodox, conventional standard of "About Me" bio introductions:

Introductions are just one of the many things I'm lousy at.

Where am I supposed to start? Do I start from the Start?

I'm not even sure what the Start is. Start of what? What am I supposed to have Started?

Honestly, everyday I am Starting. I'm never finished because I'm perpetually Starting.

I know that probably sounds like a non-sensical word salad, but I'm not great with words. There really is no other way to describe this lifelong journey of being an artist.

With much blessing comes much responsibility. Making sense of it all is a formidable undertaking. At times even a frightening one. I have given up on needing to understand everything.

My mind is a colorful display of uncoordinated and desultory cerebrations,

and of thousands of fleeting visual scraps that I scramble to catch.

I am not always successful, but I lose more by not trying, don't I?

My stream of consciousness is less of a stream and more like a violent waterfall of non-sequiturs.

I am often swept away by it, but I emerge on the other side of the tempest with a precious gem in one hand and a newfound endurance in the other. And in my pocket,

just a little bit more fondness for the very thing that is the source of both my affliction and my delight.

What a sublime anomaly.

There's not much else I can or care to self-disclose. Sharing the works of my hands with the public is already painfully vulnerable enough. But if you really must know more:

I am a nobody.

I have no extraordinary achievements, no awards, no accolades to flaunt. No extra smarts.

I am not outstanding, exceptional, nor phenomenal.

I just know that I love the act of creating with my hands, of materializing the immaterial imaginations. I must make art; I must tell stories. I must Start, Start, and Start again.

Even if few people watch, even if few people listen. I must share beauty with a world that has largely forsaken beauty.

It is more than a longing. It is a commitment and a duty.

To the One Who is Beauty.