Hey Lovelies,

I hope you are all enjoying creating or having fun doing what you do. I live in the UK and they keep teasing us with lock-down easing. The minute they tell schedule a lock down ease a week later there is news that the lock down will be extended.

It feels like we are in for another full year of not being able to fully go out and do what we enjoy that involves meeting friends and going to events.

This means we are stuck in our homes again. There has been a rise in mental health due to isolations and people just feeling like they have been jailed.

The best way to remedy this dear friends is to ensure where you live has a that ambiance, that atmosphere and energy that makes you feel motivated, energized as well as tranquil. Especially if you used your house or apartment just for sleeping and spent a lot of time out. Its time to turn that space into a home.

Start by using low cost ways to redecorate or renovate your space into a comfortable home if it is rented or you can splash out especially if it is your own home.

Below are some of my links to help you.

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3) My videos on interior trends also for more inspiration. Jijjy's Maison Interior Trend Capsules.


1) Have a look at my 2020 handmade accessories design capsule:


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