Buy Jingle Jangle ASMR a coffee


I make ASMR videos! I also have a cat named Biscuit and love Thai iced tea. Because this isn't "Buy me a Thai iced tea" all proceeds go to my channel for equipment, props, etc. :-)

I first stumbled upon the ASMR community in college when my anxiety was through the roof. I was instantly obsessed. Not only did I listen to it to fall asleep everynight, but I would listen while eating breakfast, getting ready for the day, working, drawing, walking, sitting in the car... So at a certain point I realized I should take the plunge and create my own channel if this was something I had so much passion and enthusiasm for. It turned out to be one of the most fulfilling decisions I could have made! If you're interested in supporting my channel by means of more than subscribing (which is already enough!), then I am more than grateful. Thank you!