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Hello and welcome! 

My name is Jess, and I have decided to start a "buy me a coffee" page to help support the creative projects that I am doing through Jess Jones Recreation Therapy. 

I am working to create and design new products and tools that will help humans of all ages and abilities live their best lives. Therapeutic recreation is a fantastic way to deliver interventions and modalities that represent who the person is by their likes and interests. 

Jess Jones Recreation Therapy is also an inclusive company. I value integrity, honesty and reliability. These are the values you can be sure to find in the products and services I offer you. 

One of the great things I am working on right now is stocking my shop with unique and interesting products that support the caregiver by providing their loved ones with activities to do at home. I have an assortment of sensory items that work great for folks with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. But, of course, these tools work great for neuro-typical humans, too! 

I am also organizing in-person workshops and classes on a variety of topics to bring the community together. Currently, I am offering "mini-retreats" that focus on the six pillars of wellness; spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and environmental. 

When you buy me a coffee, this money goes directly into a savings account where I am currently raising capital to one day open my very own Jess Jones Recreation Therapy Storefront. But, this storefront won't be like any other - this storefront will be a combination of retail and creative studio. A place to hang your hat, feel supported and lean into curiosity! 

Thank you for being here and ready my story! 

Jess Jones Recreation Therapy

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