Joke Writing Workshop - April 10th + 11th

Apr 04, 2021

Want to connect to your audience as a podcaster, presenter or educator?

This workshop is 4U! Take news stories/events & learn how to make into funny jokes w @olliehorntweets @BobbyJudo = Everyone feels more relaxed & connected with a laugh! 4/10 #workshop

Find out more and book your spot: http://www.inboundambassador.com/ssl-workshops/

April 10-11 (sat workshop 10-12, sun performance 5-6pm) – with the Japan By River Cruise Buoys Ollie Horn and Bobby Judo

  • Ollie + Bobby will cover:
    – What makes a joke funny?
    – How to refine your comedy premises.
    – How to construct a punch line.
    – How to edit your funny ideas.
    – Creating topical jokes from headlines.

Classes are by reservation only and limited in size to 10 people. The private online workshops are fun and relaxed, a great chance for participants to talk with local artisans and experts. Value is added to the experience via the pre-class email information, interaction in the chat during the workshop, and a q&a session. Participants will also receive a private, post-show video, and be asked to give feedback so we can improve future workshops.

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