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About Me

Hey there! 👋

My name is Joe, and I'm a professional software developer who makes indie games as a hobby. I love getting to help others learn how to make their own games, too.

Game Dev Tutorials

I'm committed to making high-quality tutorials to help you become a better indie game developer. I have a ton of tutorials walking you through how to make a game from scratch using the Godot game engine, as well as other general game dev tips and tricks. I also post devlogs about the games I'm currently working on.

You can check out my YouTube channel by following this link.

My Games

All of my games are published on Itch, and are free to play.

You can find the games I've published here.

Join Our Discord Community

We have an amazing Discord community full of other indie game developers, new and experienced. If you have questions about game dev or my tutorials, or just want to share your progress, we'd love to have you in the server.

Join our community Discord here to connect with other devs and ask questions about the tutorials.

Source Code

I make sure the code for all of my tutorials is open-source, so that people can follow along, adjust it, or make it their own as needed.

You can find all of my code on my GitHub profile.

Please Support My Work!

If you've found my videos helpful, I'd love to have your support. Whether it's monetary support, or just liking and subscribing, it helps me see what types of videos are most helpful for people, and allows me to continue creating great content.